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Jan 25, 2011 2:30pm PST
died in one of the biggest demonstrations in egypt in years. riot police in cairo and other cities fired teargas and water cannons to try to break up demonstrations. there were inspired by the popular uprising in tunisia. their slogans against president hosni mubarak were shouted as they threw stones at the police. john leyne was there. >> egypt has not seen protests like these in years. but after the example of tunisia, suddenly they have lost their fear. >> this is for egypt. we want hosni mubarak to leave egypt. it has been 15 years, and there is no change. we need to change the security. they are beating us, killing us. there is government oppression, ok? they are using tear gas. >> at first, the police seemed to step aside, wrong footed by the size of the demonstration. then they regrouped. but protesters stood their ground, a couple even confronting the water cannon. the driver seemed confused about what to do. others picked up rocks and through them at the police. the confrontation went back and forth through the center of cairo. these are amazing scenes. the police keep try
Jan 25, 2011 3:00pm EST
out of cairo, egiyptegypt? we have crews on the ground covering this. the protesters say they're angry about the rising cost of living and about government corruption. >>> plus this. incredible new images from inside that airport attack in moscow. look what cameras were able to capture. see the bright flashs? that is the actual moment of the suicide blast. i'm going to speak with an expert to say that more security is an exercise in few tilt. >>> the house of representatives has just passed a resolution pledging to cut non-security spending back to 2008 levels. and the chair of that committee is congressman paul ryan. and, yes, that is the same guy delivering tonight's gop response to the state of the union. i want to bring in dana bash, our senior congressional correspondent with all of this breaking news on capitol hill. dana, let's begin with this congressman, paul ryan, obviously front and center today, hours before the state of the union. who is he and how would they propose to cut, what, $60 billi billion? >> reporter: that's what it adds up to in general if you listen to republi
Jan 25, 2011 6:00pm EST
corruption. as demonstrators surged through cairo, the police were clearly struggling for control. >> egypt has not seen anything like this for years as thousands of protesters marched through the center of cairo, the police took up positions. then, the battle commenced. the demonstrators are not going to give ground. the police bring out water canons, one young man steps up to confront them. on top of another water cannon, you can see a demonstrator wrestling withç the operator until they both tumble into the crowd. at times, the police had to run for their lives. these are amazing scenes. the police keep trying to disperse the protesters and the protesters keep pushing them back. the police have used tear gas and water cannon. they are throwing rocks, they are coming and coming, pushing forward. >> i will stay. get out. get out. >> it is our time to run for it as the police charge back. there are wounded on both sides. teargas this line. after watching what happened in to nicias, something has been the unleased in these egyptians. -- after what happened in tunisia. >> we will stay here.
Jan 25, 2011 6:30pm EST
report tonight from cairo and itn's john ray. >> reporter: they had called for a day of revolt. it ended amid tear gas and the blasts of water cannon. for a while it seemed only to fuel the anger. a protester climbs on top and wrestles with its operator for control of the cannon and the struggle they fought. the crowd demanders are saying regime change. >> we want this regime to go out. >> is this the beginning of an uprise something. >> i hope sao. i hope so. all the community is exploding. >> reporter: behind me, the riot police are getting into position. all day the crowds have gotten bigger. just being here is a tremendous act of bravery because the government has cracked down on these protests. for the moment, police are outnumbered and mobbed. they're not used to protests this size. they're loyal to the 30 year rule of president hosni mubarak. we meet the family of ala mahmoud abraham. he's a graduate he tells me, with no hope of finding work. people should have the right to express themselves, he says. as long as it's not violent. but as darkness fell, the prote protesting continu
Jan 24, 2011 6:30pm PST
in jewish history. at talks in cairo, mahmoud abbas denied the reports. >> we have no secrets. the entire arab world knows this. details of every single negotiation, meeting, and position put forward or being considered are presented to arab countries. >> the transcripts published by the british newspaper, the guardian, and the broadcaster al jazeera, and leave yet further confusion that president abbas ded. >> palestinian leaders have continually argued that israeli settlements in west bank are an obstacle to a peace agreement. that position appeared to be non-negotiable. it is one of the main reasons mideast peace talks stalled. each document suggests that in 2008, palestinian leaders told israel a key part of the settlement there. an offer which goes against the consensus of the region's arab states. >> and staying in the region, officials in iraq say least 12 people have be killed and 150 wounded in a series of explosions in the holy city of the ball up. one blast occurred in a car park filled with buses. hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are gathering in karbala to mark the anniversa
Jan 25, 2011 1:00pm EST
into the streets of cairo, railing against the government and demanding president hosni mubarak resign. police fired back with tear gas and water cannons as the protests went on. these sprang from an online campaign inspired by the collapse of tunisia's government a week and a half ago. among the egyptian protesters' other demands, a higher minimum wage, a check on police powers and presidential term limits. prime minister mubarak, president mubarak has ruled for 30 years now. >>> russia's president is blaming security officials atmos cow's airport for yesterday's deadly suicide bombing. 35 people were killed in the attack in the airport's international arrival hall. the president said it was unbelievable that the bomber was able to get so much explosives into the area, and airport security "must be punished for their decisions." meanwhile, prime minister vladimir putin vowed retribution for the blast, but so far, there has been no claim of responsibility and no one identified. >>> in last year's state of the union address, president obama promised to send more troops to afghanistan and bring
Jan 25, 2011 11:00am EST
. >>> a bit of developing news out of egypt. thousands of protesters have taken to the street in cairo, egypt. there is alleged corruption in the government and also a lack of jobs. could this be shades of tunisia. ben is in egypt. what are you seeing? >> reporter: something i've never seen before, an entire nearly 15, 16 years i've covered egypt, which was tens and thousands of people in the main square chanting for the regime. the police, even though everybody knew there would be protests today in cairo and around egypt, i don't think the police were prepared with how many people would show up. the police started firing tear gas and exchanges of rocks between the protestors and the police. earlier, just a few hours before that, i had been driving along the road that goes by the nile and i looked up and the bridge above me was filled with thousands of people crossing the nile, going to the center of the town so it seems that all of these little demonstrations around cairo have gathered in the center of the city and at this point it seems like there's a stand off there between the protesters
Jan 25, 2011 3:00pm PST
in the streets of egypt today in what was dubbed a "day of rage." the clashes broke out in cairo and elsewhere around the country and killed at least three people. demonstrators called for an end to president mubarak's 30-year- rule, inspired by recent protests that ousted tunisia's leader. we have a report from jonathan rugman of independent television news. >> reporter: it began in tunisia and now egypt is tasting its own dose of people- power. waves of protesters braving tear gas on the banks of the river nile this afternoon. freedom, they chanted. and down with hosni mubarak. egypt's president for the last 30 years. marching past cairo's world famous archeological museum until water can non-pushed them back. (screaming) we watched the crowd disperse in panic as the water cannon truck charged towards them. protesters responded by chasing it and trying to climb on board. one police estimate put the number of demonstrators at 15,000 inside the capital with more protests in other towns and cities. not on a tunisia scale, yet such defiance here is rare and could mark the beginning of something
Jan 25, 2011 6:30pm EST
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Jan 25, 2011 9:00am EST
seeing. >> yes, i have seen basically a group of ee gimgss going down the street, main street of cairo and screaming words that i don't understand but then i -- >> give us a sense as to how unusual these kind of demonstrations are. >> it's very unusual for egypt. but these are happening in various locations in the city. there are several groups in the city. the biggest one is in downtown where a lot of people are protesting hundreds and hundreds of people are there. >> what is it exactly people are asking for? what is it that people want? >> i can't tell you clearly. as far as i know, from media as well as against government and corruption, but i don't understand what they are screaming out. >> and what's the attitude of the government there? are they just standing by willing to watch? we see security officers there but we don't see them moving in. >> it is basically officers controlling the crowd and the crowd of a few hundred people are controlled by approximately 67, 80 policemen leading the crowd and kind of pushing them. >> and you're saying, from what you have seen so far, these
Jan 25, 2011 5:00am EST
in the capital, cairo. they say it's a demonstration against corruption and the country's failing economic policies. the protest is a direct response to the recent wave of unrest in nearby tunisia. the north african country has been gripped by weeks of violent protests. the demonstrations ultimately forced the president to quit and leave the country. on monday, more violence broke out in the capital. the protesters threw stones and charged at police who fired back with teargas. in lebanon, we see a second day of street demonstrations as tensions rise over who gets to lead the next government. on monday, protesters blocking roads and burned tires, they're angry at attempts by hezbollah to form a new government after the group brought down the last administration. that was two weeks ago. the u.s. brands hezbollah as a terrorist organization but now it looks like a hezbollah-backed candidate will become the next prime minister. here's what one protester said -- >> we will continue to do this until the other side realizes that they can never overpower another faction in lebanon through rockets
Jan 25, 2011 11:00am EST
for economic and political reform in the nation and they've been clashing with police in cairo. the march reportedly inspired by the political turmoil in nearby tunis tunisia. >>> a california judge is recommending five years of probation for the doctor who helped boost nadya suleyman's levels up to octomom level. >>> a national historian has been banned after admitting to altering a date. the national archives pressured him to contest that 13 years ago he changed the date of the pardon to hours before lincoln's aassassination when it actually was written a year earlier. >>> we've been talking about just how important the state of the union is, what the president will or won't say tonight. joining me now, loretta sanchez and michael grimm. good to see both of you. >> thank you. >> we just heard nancy pelosi and eric cantor might sit together. i'm wondering, congresswoman, where are you sitting tonight? >> well, i'm probably, unless i get moved, sitting on the aisle. and right now you think it's surrounded by both republicans and democrats because they're moving all over the place here. >>
Jan 25, 2011 6:00am EST
of this administration. the first one was the inaugural speech. the second was the cairo speech and the third was the nobel peace prize awards. one of the care with sticks of all three was a balanced approach that suggests that if their previous speakers have said that you know, we shouldn't hesitate to talk to those who don't agree with. and i think the contents of that speech fully illustrate that. but i also think that it also says that at some point you have to take a stand and you have to make a decision that's to which way it's going to go. now, we're rapidly approaching approaching the 24th month of this administration's policies. and i'd like to share a few things but you about where the administration is with regard to iran. but it's bigger than just iran. it is a challenge that we face that is so enormous that i've often thought of the president could do one thing and one thing only, but could be guaranteed he would do it, what could be quite would say finding the solution to the problem of the middle east and iran inclusive is probably the one thing that would most emphatically cha
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)